How screwed is Grar Pamps?

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Jun 16 17:46:12 PDT 2022

Sorry - how screwed is John Eastman?

No. How screwed is John Eastman!

John Eastman! It turns out a Trump White House lawyer had warned him in real time that he was committing election crimes,
 and then Eastman sought a pardon before Trump left office, and then Eastman pleaded the fifth repeatedly to the January 6th Committee.
This Dumb Fuck is totally screwed. Just like his boss.

And if you’re wondering why the DOJ hasn’t indicted John Eastman yet, it’s likely for the same reason it hasn’t indicted Mark Meadows or Rudy Giuliani yet. 
The goal is prisoners dilemma  - to keep piling on with more and more ironclad cases against these Dumbfuck co-conspirators,
 so they’ll figure out they’re going to prison for a long time, and cut a deal against the Don.

Send lawyers guns and money - this shit has hit the fan

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