Jan6: The American Gulag

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 02:03:31 PDT 2022

Jan. 6 Committee: An Exercise In Brainwashing The American People



The title of this submission is actually a search request put to Google.

It seems to this writer that the hearings of the Jan. 6 House Select
Committee are a desperate attempt by the deep state, including
Democrat officials and their media allies, to brainwash the American
people into delegitimizing the Republican Party.  The search request
was intended to bring up like-minded commentaries.   Here are the
first few search results to this query:

Not one of these results mentions "brainwashing."

But note how the results reflect that deep state party line on the
Jan. 6 hearings.

What hath the Google algorithm wrought -- on the matter of
brainwashing the American people into regarding the GOP with fear and
loathing?  To put to Google a search request facially critical of the
Pelosi Inquisition Panel is to bring forth results that view favorably
the effort of this exercise in political brainwashing, with one result
bringing up a smiling image of Rep. Jamie Raskin, a leading
perpetrator of this attempt at mind-numbing a hitherto free people.

In view of the most curious Google result for a search request on
"brainwashing" by the "Jan. 6" House Select Committee, Google should
show cause why the public should not conclude that it is the target
of the deep state's program of using the Democrat party to deceive the
American people into accepting the "ambitious sacrifice of the many to
the aggrandizement of the few" (citing the words of James Madison in
the opening line to Federalist Paper No. 57.)

David Brooks, in his New York Times column of June 9 provided another
example of deceit by a member in good standing of the deep state.

The column was called "The Jan. 6 Committee Has Already Blown it,"
The fourth paragraph sought to dismiss political use of Jan. 6 as
being "small-minded and likely to be ineffective."  But reading on,
one finds this Brooks view of the GOP -- "a predatory semi-democratic
faction."   His column closes with a call to focus "on the broad
social conditions that threaten to bring American democracy to its

Republicans should not doubt that David Brooks hopes, with all the
hate-spewing fanaticism he can muster that the "Jan. 6" propaganda
campaign will destroy the "predatory" Republican Party.  When he
suggests that the current persecutorial hearings will fail to crush
the GOP, more likely he speaks as one who is convinced that if he
seems to predict defeat, he will be rewarded with achieving his
(invidious) aims.

James Madison indicated in Federalist No. 57 that he was confident
that the American spirit of liberty would stymie the self-indulgent
class that sought the "ambitious sacrifice of the many to the
aggrandizement of the few."

The lesson of the brainwashing exercise that "Jan. 6" has come to
represent instructs that the struggle between the ambitious few and
those proposing, instead, the common good, is ongoing.

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