joo crimes against humanity.

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Fri Jun 10 14:50:53 PDT 2022

Sorry for the late response,  I've been quite busy lately.

> you must have seen this no?
>  >>  
Yes ı saw but different newspaper lie story:)

>  " self-proclaimed anarchist who uses the alias > proffr at> , lives in rural central Victoria, Australia" 

Yup,state of Victoria lives in Melbourne :) Rat is so stupid person I'm sure he doesn't even know how to use a PC.He's too stupid to be a spy, but his friends are different from him.
They all have a mission here:
The rat is trying to scare the people here.
Someone else here is trying to spread America and Christianity by sharing daily news.
Another idiot keeps sending spam messages by showing himself as an emotional loser. 

The Rat scares people, another one makes government propaganda, the other one sends spam messages, causing people here to leave the list.

These are simple but effective classic spy tactics.

>  So it turns out that already more than 20 years ago, the arpanet, jewnazi surveillance-police state was fully functional. Some anonymous retard in the middle of the australian countryside ended up in jail for writing garbage on the arpanet. Guess what, just like assange says, the aparnet is a huge threat to human  civilization. 
>  Now, the jewnazi thing pro2rat at is roleplaying as that australian fucktard who was already jailed 20 years ago. Funny.
>> No one cares about the Rat, so it's not worth wasting time here.

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