[ot][spam][crazy] karl has stopped eating food

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 01:04:55 PDT 2022

some time ago i posted to this list i was having trouble eating. i
think it was during the crazy posts around my interaction with

after that post, i began eating again.

i was using eating this past couple months to help me with other
tasks. i didn't want to eat quite as much as i was, but i found a way
to make it so incredibly helpful.

i have now stopped eating again, and the other tasks

these were basic tasks, like making a todo list, or taking a shower.

thank you for your aid these past months and years.

i have had nothing but 1 meal in the last three or four days. i know
humans are fine for a week without food.

due to my dissociation and historic experience with fasting, this
isn't very uncomfortable for me. hunger is a small feeling compared to
other things.

i'll try to write here when i eat until i resume.

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