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Last year we had concerns about USDP regulated out of New York.

USDD is sure something, but I wonder what China is thinking about specific
to ESG and D and O insurance?

China may focus on Water and specifically:

Whatever the case may be, New York's Superintendent has too many conflicts
that USDD seems to be on to. She also regulates insurance ... So D and O is
a major issue?

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xNY.io recently compiled a Water.org Global Risk Assessment (below) a few
years ago now.

As true New York diplomats, xNY.io is absolutely required to be friendly
innovators with the dignity and trail blazing, historic pioneering spirit
of the e-CNY initiative.

There is no association with xNY.io and e-CNY, however, we seem to share
the ideals of to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which
twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to reaffirm
faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human
person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and
small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the
obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law
can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of
life from regulatory arbitrage corruption.

Water is life, for the human species. xNY.io, lucky in every way for our
global marketplace position knows of a water assault on China. Given
several factors, today as a disclosure technique we respect e-CNY outlining
'who may be a Water.org sustainability funder' ... So this hopefully will
not affect xNY.io in the future.

USDC and USDP are not our problem (people who know, know what this means).

More research can be found here:

Water.org’s Key Institutional and Strategic Risks

Water.org’s current risks and barriers to scale include concerns over
misuse of loans, operational delays, fraud, error, and security, all of
which undermine Water.org's objectives and mission.

● FRAUD: These deceptions often include manipulation of documents or the
abuse of policies, procedures or office property. For example, in absence
of a well-designed process for selection of a raw material supplier for the
construction of toilets, operations staff can collude with dishonest
suppliers and procure cheap, low-quality material at high rates, which
could create infrastructure failures and lead to credit risk.

● ERROR: Errors are typically unintentional and result due to lack of staff
capacity and training, rapid growth, limited technical resources, or an
inadequate number of staff. Errors in judgement or incorrect interpretation
of policies, procedures, documents, or cash transactions can create
problems for an FI. For example, a branch manager might make an error in
the appraisal of a WASH loan client if s/he has not received training on
WASH lending.

● SECURITY: This refers to risk of cash or material theft. For example, for
FIs that are involved in provision of construction materials, the storage
of the materials and their delivery is a risk.

● INEFFICIENCY: Risk is created when there is low staff productivity or
ineffective management leading to loss of efficiency.

● CREDIT RISK: An assessment of credit risk at Water.org investigated
whether the credit policies and procedures are correctly followed and
administered by the FI staff. This includes reviewing whether credit
transactions are properly recorded and summarized in the account tracking
system and presented in the financial and portfolio reports. For example,
an FI in the Philippines had a loan product tenure of three months even
though loan sizes were quite high. Clients who were assessed to be
qualified for a loan of PHP 15,000 (US$340) ended up actually receiving

PHP 35,000 (US$793) over the course of a year, through multiple loan
cycles. This flaw in the loan product design resulted in large-scale
delinquency problems with clients in the third and fourth loan cycles

Our Suggestion: Water.org 2.0, Blockchain and Energy

Our research shows Water.org currently lacks developed, effective,
accountable and transparent institutions reporting processes globally.
Their published internal studies highlight FI corruption and bribery in all
forms. Blockchain technology could help solve this, only implemented
globally and monitored correctly.

Most importantly, we strongly recommend Water.org executives should
leverage blockchain and current partnerships, historically and radically
innovating Water.org’s global scope to include solar energy in North

● Immediate Recommendation: Essential for Water.org’s global development
reporting work to be organized and oriented in the same direction in order
to focus on what really matters and ensure proper transparency and figures.
Water.org has been working on the nieve, poor business assumption that
goals can be achieved with enough political will, investment and action at
all levels.

○ Integrated water resources reporting via Blockchain, include management
smart contracts at all levels, including Water.org funds to FI, FI internal
use of Water.org funds, client use of funds through to contractor

● Review Loan/Product Benefit: Water.org’s global executive team has not
reflected the importance of complete sustainable development for their
clients. Internal Data shows most Water.org wells/loan proceeds are
ultimately lost, as the individual navigates life with unsolved energy and
lack of access to basic economic/financial tools.

● Innovate Water.org’s Scope: Once defining clear and unified global
standards, practices and reporting transparency on blockchain, eliminating
current fiance transparency concerns

○ Microcredit water loans alone do not solve poverty (noted above)

○ Current UN research shows best poverty success advancement includes
addressing three important dimensions simultaneously:

i. Regular access to clean water/proper sanitation facilities

ii. Access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy

iii. Equal access to mobilized banking tools, insurance and microscred


*Gunnar Larson - xNY.io <http://www.xNY.io> | Bank.org <http://Bank.org>*
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