[ot][spam][crazy][fiction] morning spam 3: hybrid mcboss

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:54:18 PDT 2022

Zombie Researcher [among Boss's crowd]: "Finally, with this showdown,
we can comprehend the struggle present in the business, and take over
the world for good!"

Bundle of Organs: "Squishy ........ !!!!!!!"

The groups of mind control victims rush at each other amid trumpets.


Boss hits Experimentee, and they are holding each other with tight
grips of very different natures. Their eyes level, and there is a
great pause.

Boss: "I've mind controlled you before. I ... I can't bear to do it
anymore. I have seen how horrible this is."

Experimentee: "Mind control must never exist again! People must be
free! But I have been forced for years to mind control others without
end! I cannot hold it in!"

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