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Undiscussed Horrific Abuse, One Victim of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 13:03:35 PDT 2022

(Pdb) step
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(31)send()
-> def send(self, data, tags):
(Pdb) step
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(33)send()
-> di = DataItem(data = data)
(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(34)send()
-> if type(tags) is dict:
(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(37)send()
-> di.header.tags = [normalize_tag(tag) for tag in tags]
(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(38)send()
-> di.sign(self.wallet.rsa)
(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(39)send()
-> result = self.node.send_tx(di.tobytes())
(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(40)send()
-> logger.debug(f'{self.node.api_url}: {result}')

looks like debug logging is not enabled.

(Pdb) next
> /shared/src/arweave-python-client/bundlr/loader.py(41)send()
-> assert result['public'] == di.header.owner

this was it!!!! i remember!!! one of these assertions, i suspected it
was getting hit.
threads were throwing assertion errors, but they were getting absorbed
for some reason even though i wrote code to migrate them out to the
main thread and halt. a different bug. so i'm not sure which assertion
was the issue.

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