[spam][draft] Why Write Code?

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 07:09:48 PDT 2022


A longstanding disparity on the cypherpunks list, and in historical
computer use in general, is the schism between people who joined
without experiencing authoring software, and people who are familiar
with authoring software to solve problems.

Personally, as somebody who used to write software to solve my
problems, the schism has been difficult to navigate. The skills needed
to have status in an online developer community take a lifetime to
master. The people with skills abstained from social involvement, from
going outdoors, from parties, from movies, in order to spend their
time learning how to direct computers.

However, in modern days, the technology is developing such that
anybody can do the kinds of things that it used to be only "elite
cypherpunks" could do. AI can now write code for you: although
somebody needs to write the code to let you do that, the entry barrier
is much lower. And, so long as there is such freedom on the planet, it
will keep lowering.

I've observed people new to software development don't really
understand that a computer can do absolutely anything. They seem to
think the limits of computers are somehow bound to what people have
told them. I thought I'd write something about that.

Code Is Free Action

When you get a device, or play a game, or a company markets a product,
[apologies, this diatribe is inhibited by my personal issues. I
_tried_ to make it cohesive! I needed to make the intro shorter,
rather than planning to shorten it later.]

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