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Wed Jun 1 19:16:20 PDT 2022

Coe said “numerous” teachers on campus are armed and trained in what to do.
Coe said the active shooter response protocol is, “Basically, the
first one on scene, we’re going in.

“We’re not going to sit around and wait for backup. If I have to go in
alone, or the deputies have to go in alone, if by chance there’s two
of them, we’re going in and we’re going to the source.”

He said he couldn’t think of a scenario in which he wouldn’t go in and
head to the gunfire.

“We don’t have time to wait,” Coe said. “As soon as [active shooters]
are challenged, nine times out of 10, if they haven’t barricaded
themselves in, the minute they’re challenged, they either run or
commit suicide. And that’s just statistics.”

He said the local school has panic buttons situated in the hallways,
cafeteria, and locker rooms that directly transmit to anyone with a
radio issued by the sheriff’s office. A red button connects to the
sheriff’s office and a blue button to EMS, Coe said.

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