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> Putin's brutality continues...
> https://twitter.com/UA_struggle
> Putin the Invader, go fuck yourself.

Prediction Markets: "Will 'The Bridge' Fall?"

While Ukraine gets lucky smashing RU air and ammo dumps
in formerly verboten areas such as Crimea,
Russia and all others in the world bid on diabolical weaponry...

Russia Shows Off Robo-Dog With RPG At Military Convention

Russia displayed new and experimental technologies at its annual
defense convention at the Patriot Center near Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an opening speech at the
Military and Technical Forum ARMY 2022 on Tuesday, organized by the
Russian Ministry of Defense, and said that over "28,000 modern samples
of military and dual-use products" are being showcased by
approximately 1,500 Russian manufacturers to defense officials from 72

In the speech, Putin continued:

    "We are ready to offer our allies and partners the most modern
types of weapons, from small arms to armored vehicles and artillery,
from warplanes to drones. These guns are in demand among military
professionals all over the world for their reliability, quality, and
most importantly, their high efficiency. Almost all of them have been
used many times in real military operations."

    👏🇷🇺🌎🌍🌏Putin Speech at the opening ceremony: of the Army 2022
forum and the International Army Games 2022: Aerobatics teams at the
opening of the military-technical forum #Army2022 :International
military-technical forum "Army-2022" Vladimir Putin took part in the
opening pic.twitter.com/A5Hts9VYoK
    — World News 24 (@DailyWorld24) August 15, 2022

One of the most modern types of weapons that Putin was referring to
appears to be an intelligent four-legged robo-dog wielding an RPG-26
rocket launcher on its back.

Videos of Russian engineering company Intellect Machine's M-81 robotic
system roaming the convention center floors with a rocket launcher
went viral on social media.

    Ohh my… Innovation level: Russian robot dog with rocket launcher
at Russia’s Army 2022 Defense Exposition. pic.twitter.com/c839c3GJo5
    — CaucasusWarReport (@Caucasuswar) August 16, 2022

    A Russian robot complex, assembled using Chinese technology and
capable of using RPGs, at the #Army2022 forum.
    — خالد اسكيف (@khalediskef) August 16, 2022

    😳 #ARMY2022
    A robot dog with a grenade launcher on his back appeared at the
forum. This is a Chinese technology, the cost is about 1 million
rubles(16,161.75 US Dollars). Robopes became the star of the first day
of the forum. pic.twitter.com/lCnJkHpgun
    — DanBardak (@DanBardak) August 15, 2022

This would not be the first time the West's adversaries have displayed
a robo-dog for war. Last month, a video surfaced on social media of a
Chinese robot dog by Hangzhou-based company Unitree Robotics with a
machine gun mounted on its back.

    All the people who laughed off the “worrywarts” years ago for
freaking out about the Funny Dancing Robot Dogs (tm) should be forced
to watch this video once a day for the remainder of the year.
    — Sean Chiplock @ (SOON) PWR^ South Bend (@sonicmega) July 20, 2022

Here are the other weapons displayed at the defense convention that
wraps up on Sunday:

    Russian Helicopters Company, a subsidiary of state-owned Rostec
Corporation displayed during the 8th International Military-Technical
Forum (Army 2022) exhibition a new unmanned helicopter, called the
“Bas-750”. pic.twitter.com/5TguC8OyhZ
    — Vnation 111 (@Vnation_111) August 17, 2022

    Future "Arctic" SSBN concept: "Arktur" and its companion UUV "Surrogat-V".
    Photos by @MuxelAero.

    Borei-A for comparison. #ARMY2022 pic.twitter.com/nVcunL7NFG
    — Dmitry Stefanovich (@KomissarWhipla) August 15, 2022

    First day of Russian forum #Army2022 #Армия2022. What’s new in
#UAV game? Not much so far. Two models of wannabe MQ-1 Predator -
Orion-E with control station, and old Foton-601 construction developed
by Ruskosmos with Samara University. pic.twitter.com/Kr6I4Gc1Jg
    — Intel Takes (@inteltakes) August 15, 2022

    Mini missile for Pantsir-S1M of which reportedly up to 48 can be
fired from a single launch vehicle. #ARMY2022
    — Reggie Meezer (@ReggieMeezer) August 16, 2022

    X-69 (Kh-69) air launched missile with 290km range....it has
apparently been tested in Ukraine already #ARMY2022
    — Reggie Meezer (@ReggieMeezer) August 16, 2022

    "Linza" combat ambulance of the 2nd series #Army2022
    — Prateek🎧 (@PrateekRoutray) August 15, 2022

    It seems @RosatomGlobal has exhibited models of 152mm & 203mm
tactical #nuclear #artillery shells at #Army2022 in #Russia .
Signalling going out here !
    Also products depicted are often for sale to "friends" , some
203mm nuclear artillery wouldn't be a bad thing to have you know.
    — Ninjamonkey 🇮🇳 (@Aryan_warlord) August 17, 2022

    In Moscow region at #Army2022 Military and Technical Forum
representatives of 70 countries can see the latest defense technology
as well as to hold debates on pressing geopolitical topics.

    Photos from https://t.co/AeQf10SYCu pic.twitter.com/DyJzqf58rN
    — Embassy of Russia in Bangladesh (@RussEmbDhaka) August 17, 2022

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