Cryptocurrency: CPS2022 - First Conference for Crypto-Haters RegulaBanksters and MaxiStatists

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Tue Aug 16 10:25:35 PDT 2022

The Crypto Policy Symposium 2022

Policy Never The Friend Of Free-Markets or Freedom.
"Critical Theory" always biased, lately ulterior.

  Crypto Policy Symposium 2022

   Crypto Policy Symposium 2022 is a virtual conference on September 5 & 6,
   2022. Our conference will be livestreamed.

   Promoting critical review on the cryptocurrency space

   Crypto Policy Symposium is a conference to encourage critical discourse
   and multidisciplinary collaboration to analyze the cryptocurrency
   ecosystem. Discussions on policy recommendations, systemic risk,
   prevention of regulatory capture, and critiques covering cryptocurrencies,
   ICOs, NFTs, DeFi, “Web3” and blockchains will be covered. This
   conference brings together the best minds in journalism, law, policy,
   technology, regulation and banking for two days of panel discussions and
   community building.


   * Crypto's Environmental Impact
   * The Politics of Bitcoin & Crypto
   * Is Crypto the New Internet?
   * Celebrity Crypto Endorsers
   * Crypto Contagion
   * Crypto, Blockchain, Education
   * The Current State of Regulation
   * Football & Crypto
   * Crypto Lobbying and Regulatory Capture
   * Cryptopia - land of the promised vs. virtual

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