Social mapping out of perceived enemies

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 15 17:33:17 PDT 2022

If Journo Julio was an accident  and Pastor Craig was a coincidence then Semich means war.

But we might suspend counter-intelligence on this himbo-eruption since the first two are so self-negating.

Julio is reportedly near death and Craig is brain-dead - so this list threat is not acute. 

Where social-mapping out might assist our cause better is a left-fascists alternative to this  . . .

That is - where Johann described a phenomenon on the RIGHT we could use one of these exposes for the Marxist-Communist LEFT.

Arguably left-fascism being the worst type since 1916. 

Another hole in our knowledge could be plugged by a sequel to Steve Levy's " Crypto "

Part of my wish-list for Xmas!

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