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Small Rock [to Beetle]: "Hahaha.You were a powerful billionaire and
then some moron torture victim waved a weak little wand and cursed you
to be a small despicable rock for the rest of your pathetic little
life.  Hahaha you're such a worthless idiot."

Beetle: "I am not an idiot, nor worthless, my life is not pathetic, I
am not despicable, and I am not a rock and never wanted to be a

Small Rock: "I know!" [bursts into tears] "It is what happened to me.
I was running the whole planet and my own research victims had my own
AI put my consciousness into this loathsome pebble body."

Beetle: "Oh. I'm sorry for you!"

Small Rock: "You can't make this right. Nobody can make this right!
It's impossible to escape an AI tasked with confining you!"

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