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Wed Aug 10 19:22:14 PDT 2022

Florida Man With Concealed Firearm Kills Gunman Who Threatened To
"Shoot Up The Crowd"

Instead of waiting for the police, a law-abiding citizen with a
concealed carry license (also known as a 'good guy with a gun') took
matters into his own hands and acted quickly, drawing his weapon and
killing a gunman who was about to "shoot up the crowd" at a party in
West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday night.

Local news CBS12 said a fight broke out between 20 people at a family
gathering on Division Avenue and 4th Street in West Palm Beach. At
that moment, a 22-year-old male retrieved a short-barreled shotgun
from his car and threatened to "shoot up the crowd."

West Palm Beach Police said the man refused to drop the weapon after
yelling out mass shooting threats, and that was when a 32-year-old man
with a concealed weapon license fired his pistol, hitting the armed

The law-abiding citizen immediately called 911 late Sunday night after
he shot the crazed gunman. Detectives said the 22-year-old was
pronounced dead at the scene.

Instances such as this where a good guy with a gun neutralizes an
armed person threatening to kill others tend to be ignored by liberal
mainstream media because it goes against the left's narrative of more
gun control.

In the last several months, we have documented multiple acts of
bravery from law-abiding citizens with concealed carry licenses who
acted swiftly to neutralize threats:

    "Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A
Mass Shooting"
    "Mass Shooter At Indiana Mall Killed By Armed "Good Samaritan" Civilian"

It's clear the left-wing media cherrypicks gun-related stories by
focusing solely on mass shootings neglecting reports that show how
law-abiding citizens with guns have saved lives.

Watch the local media report via CBS12.

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