Freedom of Speech: Islam Goes Apeshit over Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoons Repub, Quran Eating, and Successful Critical Analysis

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Aug 10 18:04:38 PDT 2022

Former Twitter employee Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty of spying
for Saudi Arabia. While working at Twitter, he searched up users who
criticized the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shared that info with kingdom
officials in exchange for $$$.

What else did they police... Islam?
And what happened to those users? Growing Tsunami of Apostasy Islam = Censorship Apostasy = Death
Q: What is the penalty for Apostasy in Islam?
A: The Sharia is very clear, the penalty for Apostasy is Death.

Apostasy, Thought Crime, Free Speech = Death Blah blah... Death Ask any Sheik, Cleric,
Scholar, Mullah, Mufti, Imam Death Death Death Top 10 Verses

~ Muhammad had a man who criticized him killed
~ [Non-Muslims] are the worst of creatures
~ Push [Non-Muslims] to the side of the road

Islam is discriminatory garbage.

When Caliphate and Sharia comes to Free Lands,
the nice talk (and Freedom) ends, killing begins.

When Islam comes to the Internet, it dies...

Who lets Twitter continue as a centralized spy service?
They will soon die by the sword of distributed services...
no directors, employees, investors, profits, spies, logs, or censorship.

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