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Wed Aug 10 02:05:08 PDT 2022

> Biden secretly shipping his migrants aka voting and socialist
> dependency bloc into tossup cities nationwide since all 2021,
> now it's official...

And backfiring, lol... along with Hispanics disliking Democrats,
Democrats dislike busing and prefer to keep
them brown coloreds in Biden's "Jungles",
busing is fixing that horror...

Texas Governor Buses More Illegal Immigrants Into New York - Mayor
Calls It 'Horrific'

The despicable nature of the leftist political response to illegal
immigration cannot be understated.  They were perfectly fine with a
full on invasion of the southern border as long as they didn't have to
deal with it directly and as long as they thought they could use
illegals as a voting block.  But ever since the Governor of Texas
started busing thousands of them to progressive strongholds like
Washington DC and New York, suddenly the leftists are not so

Democrats laughed at the prospect of Texas relocating illegals at the
beginning of this year.  Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki
even snidely thanked Governor Greg Abbott for paying the bus fair of
migrants into DC.  She is rather silent on the issue now.

As of 2021, 36 states have some form of voter ID requirement, which
makes it much more difficult for Democrats to exploit illegal
immigrants as vote fodder in local and national elections.  Some blue
states have tried to institute ID benefits to migrants, but these
measures are few and far between.  Meaning, the migrants are no longer
of much use to them other than to continue degrading the legitimacy of
the border.

Furthermore, New York and DC social welfare systems are being
overwhelmed by the flood of illegals, so much so that they have
demanded the deployment of national guard troops to help deal with the
influx of people.  This isn't going to happen according to the
Pentagon, and now they are stuck.  Keep in mind, Abbot has only bused
around 4000 illegals to New York and 6000 to DC – That's all it took
to send both city social systems into a death spiral, showing yet
again how economically weak blue states currently are.

They can't deny the entry of the migrants because then they would look
like hypocrites, so, all they can do now is attack Greg Abbot as if he
is doing something monstrous to them.   The whole thing is actually
quite hilarious when you think about it – Karma really is a bitch.

This week, New York Mayor Eric Adams once again tried to spin the
situation, saying that Abbot was "using innocent people as political
pawns to manufacture a crisis." He then called the action “horrific.”
But isn't that exactly what the Democrats have been doing for decades:
 Using migrants as political pawns while busing them and flying them
into various regions without permission?  Haven't Democrats been
creating an artificial economic and safety crisis within border
states?  Now that they are getting a taste of their own medicine,
suddenly the strategy is “horrific?”

Keep in mind that this was the same mayor that refused an invitation
to Texas to see the dangerous border conditions for himself, so,
Abbott is simply bringing those border conditions to New York to teach
him a lesson.

It's interesting how 10,000 illegal immigrants invading Texas on top
of millions more each year was not a problem at all for leftists
before, but you move those same migrants to their backyard and now we
have a humanitarian crisis that requires the national guard.  Can
someone please ask the Mayor of New York where exactly Texas should
send these migrants other than his city?  Where would he like them to
go? Maybe back to their countries of origin?  But that would be
“racist,” right?

And here we get to the base argument for and against illegal
immigration:  Leftists claim that America is a nation “built by
immigrants” and anyone who stands against open borders is “racist.”
They ignore all the logistics because they're not interested.  Only
virtue signaling matters to them.

Conservatives don't actually care about the color of the immigrants,
they care about border integrity and security, and they also don't
like the attempts by leftists to flood the voter pool with people who
are not legally allowed to vote.  If someone wants to immigrate here,
they can regardless of skin color, they just have to go through LEGAL

Leftists argue that these immigrants are actually “refugees” and not
illegals.  This is just another way for them to manipulate language in
order to change the optics of the situation.  These people are not
“refugees,” and even if they were, it would not matter.  They are
still here illegally, and now they are the problem of New York and
Washington DC.

In the vast majority of nations on the planet, sneaking past the
border is a serious crime.  Any American that does this would be
arrested and jailed, possibly for years.  If they are lucky they will
just be forcibly deported.  However, for some reason the political
left and a host of foreigners think that the US is supposed to open
its doors wide to anyone and everyone without regard for security, the
economy or election integrity.

Leftists will of course double down on their foolishness, even while
their systems crumble under the weight of immigrants that have no
capacity to assimilate while they leach off of social welfare
programs.  The only reason Eric Adams thinks this is horrific is
because now he has to face the ugly realities of his own destructive
ideology.  If it was some mayor in a Texas city dealing with the
problem, Adams would not care.

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