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Wed Aug 10 00:46:47 PDT 2022

> It's Watergate in reverse.
> The real question is not about posession,
> but about what is in the docs?

While that is still in limbo... another obvious...

Polling has Dem-Left Deep State set to lose midterms and
2024, thus desperate to manufacture anything to win, 2020
being plain evidence and prior art of willingness to do anything.

The Guardian Accuses Republicans Of 'Weaponising' Trump-Raid

Following the news of the FBI raiding President Trump’s home, The
Guardian suggested that REPUBLICANS are ‘weaponising’ the situation to
make unfounded claims of a deep state and a politicised justice

The leftist newspaper’s headline reads Republicans dust off familiar
playbook to weaponise Mar-a-Lago FBI search, with a sub headline of
GOP accusations of ‘deep state’ and politicization of justice
department likely to foment an intense backlash.

So the FBI, under Democrat guidance, break into a former President’s
home and ransack through his belongings and it’s somehow the GOP that
is responsible for the ‘weaponising’.


The article quotes several Democrats waxing about how ‘justice is
being served’, and then claims that Republicans are engaging in
“florid rhetoric” that will “enflame America’s political divisions”
and encourage Trump supporters to further point to a “deep state

Armed federal agents in the dead of night cracking open a former
President’s safe in an attempt to steal documents. Nothing Deep Statey
or conspiracy like about that is there.

The piece concludes by quoting ‘never Trumper’ Joe Walsh who tweeted
“The Republican Party has abandoned the rule of law. Just listen to
them tonight. They’re at war with the rule of law.”

Who is at war with the rule of law?

As several Trump allies noted, the rule of law seems to be AWOL when
it concerns Hillary Clinton or Hunter Biden:

    Executing a warrant against ex-POTUS is dangerous. The apparent
political weaponization of DOJ/FBI is shameful. AG must explain why
250 yrs of practice was upended w/ this raid. I served on Benghazi Com
where we proved Hilliary possessed classified info. We didn’t raid her
    — Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) August 9, 2022

    The FBI raid on former President Trump’s home is unprecedented and
highly concerning. If the FBI is looking for classified info or
incriminating evidence, they should start with Hunter Biden’s laptop.
    — Rep. Barry Loudermilk (@RepLoudermilk) August 9, 2022

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Countless times we have
examples of Democrats flouting the law and abusing power with no
recourse, including Hunter Biden. Democrats continually weaponize the
bureaucracy against Republicans. This raid is outrageous.
    — Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) August 9, 2022

    The shocking raid of Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago, Florida,
stands in stark contrast to the many Trump opponents that the FBI has
not raided despite public evidence of alleged misconduct.
@joelpollak’s latest:
    — Wendell Husebø (@WendellHusebo) August 9, 2022

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