What Juan wants...

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 00:05:47 PDT 2022

"There is no fucking 'child sexual abuse'. Indeed. -- Juan Garofalo aka
PunkBatSoupStasi aka punk aka JuanG aka [snip]"

Indeed, here he adds to his decades long attempts.

"I'm the "King of Anarchism". -- Juan Garofalo"

Here the self-proclaimed anarchist asserts his Kingly Rulership.
Thus anarchy refuses him,
and the rest refuse and throw him out of their spaces for
his foul petulent behaviour and implied violence.

"As a libertarian I'm... -- Juan Garofalo"

... not an anarchist. Or was that Rat fink who kept misquoting
articles while trying to make claims for Anarchism on Libertarianism.

He admits other offenses in his own hypocrisy,
such as failing to decry the Argentine Govt that he
pays for and rules over him in so many of what he would
otherwise call dispicable ways to all other Govts.

Meanwhile having nothing to say other than
declaring his love for his femdom Pelosi which
keeps him from becoming a Newman. He's so
infatuated with her that he repeats her words in public.
Which were he not a total hypocrite he would have
to flame himself for showing those words to anyone,
just as he does to others.

> US jewnazis, invaded and control argentina

Ignoring pre-Columbia, Spain did most all that well before
his fabled spanish anarchists couriered the remaining Nazis
to AR (who then sired his sorry spastic jew hating pedo self).
The silly Brits didn't even show up till the 1800's, the US
until the mid-late 1900's. Since late 1900's nonspecific globalism
did the rest from actors inside and out, which he fell for and has
nothing to say on as usual.

He can't even critique his AR Govt rulers, because he pays them.
Nor do you hear him denouncing the sterilization programs
and ongoing oppression against the Quechua in the region,
never even linked to Blood of the Condor. His brown-care is faux.
Lots his high pompous perfect Kingly self fails to mention
yet demands of other people. Basically never links any of
the Bakunin and others he claims either. But at least he's for
"natural rights", however obviously not for non-aggression
after failing to denounce his own military.

This smashtivist cia agent troll, offeror of nothing, rage bespittled bot,
fake, fraud, liar, fabricator of people's words, nihilistic anti on every
list thing, hypocrite, and more, whatever... is not worth anyone's time.

Enjoy another stay in the filter file, and grow up,
spend the time teaching Rat how to thread.

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