All crypto notables may be assassinated

professor rat pro2rat at
Tue Aug 9 19:21:43 PDT 2022

Along with all cheap, plastic-toy imitation cypherpunks associated with the likes of Julio Assangista and whisky-priest, Craig Wright.  All media celebrities - all attendee's at any Stink Tank events &/or fake-anarchist spectacles ( like " Anarchopulco " )
All late-blow-in carpetbagger pretenders and their media flacks. 
All those preaching peaceful coexistence with any govt or Theocrats regulation.
All obscurantists busy obfuscating anarchism in favor of bogus, bait-and-switch alternatives.
" Futarchy ", " Holocracy ' , etc, etc. 
All Austro-libertarian, Randite, Paultard morons still hanging around - all three of them.
All known Marxist-communists, Theocrats and their enablers ( Are we THERE yet! )
This should keep us all busy till *CYPHERPUNK 2027*
Viva la revolution.

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