Cryptocurrency: News Dump, Tornado, FED Spanked re CBDC M2, Code Speech, more...

grarpamp grarpamp at
Tue Aug 9 17:26:39 PDT 2022

The IRS is hiring 87,000 enforcement agents and the Fed is sanctioning
privacy preserving technology. Where do we think this is going?

PGP, a tool which exists to allow spies and terrorists to conceal their crimes,
is being criminally investigated, to the professed surprise of many
crypto people.

Tornado dust attacks targeting popular addresses, politicians, etc.

Now they wanna ban bank accounts. You can’t make this shit up, these
people are so delusional.

"The way to bypass this ultimately is by having privacy be a
first-class feature of the chain. So you can’t just check every
transaction to see who used a mixer - since everyone is mixing. I
think this action will likely accelerate adoption of that tech. (But
I’m biased.)"

Duh. Jim Rogers - Warns Govts want
to control Crypto, Regulate everything.
Joe Rogan Believes the US Government Fears Bitcoin

Nasdaq: Bitcoin Uses 50 Times Less Energy Than Traditional Banking
"Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that software source code was
speech protected by the First Amendment and that the government's
regulations preventing its publication were unconstitutional."

In response to Tornado Cash's sanctions, Circle has blacklisted USDC
from the addresses, people cannot use their stablecoins. Centralized
and broken. Partial privacy is no privacy

Nayib Bukele Credits Bitcoin, Surf And Crime Reduction For El
Salvador's Tourism Rebound
The Fed's Plan to Create a Digital Dollar Is Met With Hostility.
71% of commenters on Fed's January 2022 study say NO.

US Fed Created 50% More Money Out Of Thin Air In 2 Years Than Ever
Existed In The Previous 256 Years

If you know you know. The U.S. government is currently trying to
battle inflation by enacting a $730 billion stimulus check bill... As
if that doesn't cause more inflation... Bitcoin.

JPMorgan caught shilling its crypto bags, again, after FOMO
market manipulation panicking to acquire them, same
as it does with Gold commodity... bust inbound.

Iran makes its first import order using $10m worth Crypto. Government
says by the end of September, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts
will be widely used in foreign trade with target countries.

Why don’t you ask them why they haven’t taken Monero’s tech and built
a second layer on top of Bitcoin with it? Do they think that dual-key
stealth addresses can have their hash function broken? Or are they
concerned about Greg Maxwell’s Confidential Transactions use of
Pedersen Commitments not being computationally binding but perfectly
hiding? Maybe they’re worried about Bulletproofs? Of course, they’ll
be unable to answer these, demonstrating that they don’t know what
they’re talking about, much less are positioned to have an opinion
about what should or shouldn’t be built as a Bitcoin L2.

Would you sacrifice 5 years of your life for 100 Bitcoin and 100 Ethereum?
You will be given 100 Bitcoin and 100 Ethereum, but in return you will be
put to sleep for 5 years. Would you accept that? (When you wake up,
Bitcoin will be worth 300K and Ethereum 65K)

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