Cryptocurrency: WarOnCrypto - Tornado.Cash SW Speech CensorBanned by UST OFAC SDN and their Apologists

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Tue Aug 9 13:54:54 PDT 2022

🌪️ 🌪️ @TornadoCash
A fully decentralized protocol for private transactions on Ethereum.
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🌐 Today we are witnesses of a crucial event in @TornadoCash history.
🌪 Tornado Cash Classic UI is now fully open-source This is a huge
step towards (even) more decentralization and transparency. Fork, code
& build with TC DAO anons 😎…
Tornado Cash Classic UI is now Open Source
By making our Tornado Cash Classic UI open source, our DAO takes a
huge step towards transparency.

One of many valid use cases of privacy protocols: donating to a cause
that might get you in trouble if done publicly

Replying to @technocrypto
I'll out myself as someone who has used TC to donate to this exact cause.

Martin Köppelmann 🇺🇦 @koeppelmann
Seems like USDC has indeed blacklisted the @TornadoCash contracts,
meaning if you had USDC deposited in Tornado you can not access it
anymore even if everything you did was perfectly legit and legal.
Dylan LeClair 🟠 @DylanLeClair_
NEW: @circlepay's USDC has officially blacklisted every Ethereum
address sanctioned by the US Treasury.
🥸 Do you know #TakeMyMuffin (@TMM66131654)? 😎 @TornadoCash sponsors
this cartoon, go watch it Tornadoes

🤩 @TornadoCash and @WUTornado tweets are available on @CryptoSlate
flux 😉 If you want to be updated on the latest news about the #1
privacy soluti
Tornado Cash is a decentralized, non-custodial privacy solution built
on Ethereum.

🗳 Last 24 hours to vote on the latest snapshot to decide whether or
not the community fund should withdraw its $TORN from Opium and
cBridge! 🌪 Don't forget to cast your vote Tornadoes, every $TORN
counts and it is 100% free👇🏻…

🙈 ¿Are you a @telegram aficionado? Then we have a good news for you!
📢 @WUTornado extends with a @TornadoCash DAO Announcement channel 😎
To be always up to date on our beloved tornado progress, join us! ⬇️…
Tornado cash DAO Announcements - WUTornado

Official Tornado cash DAO channel - managed by WUTornado

☀️It might be summer but @TornadoCash is spinning more than ever!
🌪️We have taken care to explain you all of our beloved tornado
peripeties 😎Enough bla-bla, time for your quarterly recap! ⬇️…
What’s Up Tornado? — From Spring to Summer Updates
It might already be summer, the sun is bright and one thing for sure…
as the world of cryptos rapidly expands, our tornado never stops…

📈 The @TornadoCash DAO is always looking for new ways to integrate
deeper within the crypto ecosystem. 🔥 This topic opens the discussion
for a potential stablecoin support on Nova. Private payments in
stablecoins 😎 What do you think anon ?👇…
Add a stablecoin to Nova Hey everyone, As you know, Nova is doing
pretty well, with more than 6,100 wallets registered, 11,300 ETH
deposited and 12,000 transfers. Since 2 months, Nova deposit limit...

Sebastian | HOPR 🟡 @SCBuergel
Ethereum gas prices still ridiculously low, wat do? This is the
perfect time to set up your accounts on @TornadoCash Nova and move
your $ETH into a shielded pool from which you can move arbitrary
amounts to other addresses without doxing your privacy…
Logging in Tornado Cash Nova

eric.eth @econoar
Wait, since when did Coinbase stop giving you newly derived addresses
every time you generate a receive address? This is a dox nightmare

😎 We are proud to announce that @VitalikButerin has used (once again)
@TornadoCash to protect his privacy ! 😇 Whether you want to pay a
beer, your rent, or get paid for a gig, personal information is YOURS,
not THEIRS! ✊ Privacy is an human right, anons. #privacymatters

@TornadoCash is an indispensable tool for the crypto world.

🌪🤖🌪 @TornadoCash Nova update ⭐ Unique users (7 days): 220 ✨ Total
Unique users: 5691 ✉ Nr of transfers (7 days): 586 📦 Total nr of
transfers: 10876 🌬 ETH deposited (7 days): 1243.53 🌪 Total ETH
deposited: 9540.76 🌪🌪🌪

These #BNBChain projects continue to accumulate a ton of new capital
💹 Let's celebrate the Top TVL Gainers on the @BNBCHAIN in the last 24
hours 📊 @TornadoCash @ForTubeFi @Bolide_fi @SpartanProtocol
@iotube_org #BSCNews #DeFi #DEX

🗳️ We need you to vote Tornadoes, it is free! 🔥 A new ARC listing
proposal was made on Aave to list TORN as collateral to the AAVE V2
Market 📈 TORN could have access to a $5B market, increase its
liquidity & more exposure.. Vote NOW (end of the post)⬇️…d
ARC: Add TORN (Tornado Cash DAO Token)

Listing Proposal: Add TORN (Tornado Cash DAO Token) Proposal made by
bt11ba, Head of Community of the Tornado Cash DAO Sentence Rationale
We would like to add the TORN token to the AAVE v3 market...

Bear @BearishEquity
What is Tornado Cash? @TornadoCash Tornado Cash is a supposed fully
decentralized protocol on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC , Avalanche and
Optimism that helps enable private transactions.

#Ethereum privacy app @TornadoCash just announced it will fully
open-source the Tornado Cash Classic user interface. @FrederickMunawa
Decentralized Mixer Tornado Cash Makes Its User Interface Open-Source
The privacy protocol is stepping up transparency by inviting more
eyeballs to review code.

Tornado Cash governance rejects plan to diversify treasury holdings…
The Tornado Cash community voted against a plan to sell 50,000 vested
native tokens for at least $480,000 in ETH.

🚀🌪 @TornadoCash proves again it's decentralization. The last
proposal has been disputed, and after 5 days of voting the community
decided against it. 🗳… 🗳 📈+200% votes
inflow since the previous proposal. 😎Thanks to every voter out there!


Roman Semenov 🌪️ 🇺🇦 @semenov_roman_
Building @tornadocash and other privacy and scalability related stuff
for Ethereum
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My @GitHub account was just suspended 🤷 Is writing an open source
code illegal now?

Kaan³ @kaanuzdogan
Sooo.. Is Eth2.0 deposit contract illegal? 🤔🤔🤔
TIL the creator address of the Eth2.0 Deposit contract was funded with
Tornado cash, created the contract and donated the rest to Wikileaks

BowTiedIguana @BowTiedIguana
Tornado Cash added to US sanctions list - $437m of assets blocked.
What is OFAC, what are sanctions, and what does this mean for DeFi 👇

It’s time to put our crypto tribalism aside; the crypto wars II are
starting: US Treasury puts privacy tool Tornado Cash on the sanctions
list. This list is meant for people, not tech tools. Privacy tools are
for every American.

Neeraj K. Agrawal @NeerajKA
In today's impromptu presentation on the Tornado Cash sanctions,
@valkenburgh lays out the case that this is an unconstitutional
restriction on freedom of speech. "We are looking right at the
chilling effect" You can watch the whole thing here:

PaperImperium @ImperiumPaper
Replying to @bantg
That’s not how it works. Ford makes cars. Some of those cars might end
up in DPRK. Ford does not go to jail because they are unable to
remotely disable cars in DPRK

banteg @bantg
US Treasury says Tornado Cash was used to launder over $7 billion, but
this figure seems to come from a dashboard indicating all-time
deposits. Does anyone seriously believe 90%+ of funds there are
illicit and are attributed to NK?
Blockchain ecosystem analytics by and for the community. Explore and
share data from Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Optimism, BSC and Solana for

ノーネーム @0xdev0
It's happening. @infura_io and @AlchemyPlatform are now blocking RPC
requests to @TornadoCash Centralized RPC services are one of the
cancers that undermine the core benefits of crypto. As long as they
dominate the market, no protocol is truly permissionless.

Jerry Brito @jerrybrito
Today’s action does not seem so much as a sanction against a person or
entity with agency. It appears instead to be the sanctioning of a tool
that is neutral in character and that can be put to good or bad uses
like any other technology.…

U.S. Treasury sanction of privacy tools places sweeping restrictions
on all Americans - Coin Center

Sanctioned Tornado Cash smart contract is a tool, not a person.

For years, @USTreasury has carefully distinguished bad actors from the
neutral tools & technology that they (plus everyone else in the world)
are able to use. The decision to sanction @TornadoCash, a
decentralized protocol, threatens that smart & balanced approach to

Replying to @SecBlinken @USTreasury
Thanks for fixing this. Tornado Cash community tries its best to make
sure it can be used to by good actors by providing compliance tools
for example. Unfortunately it's technically impossible to block anyone
from using the smart contract on the blockchain.

Lefteris Karapetsas | Hiring for @rotkiapp @LefterisJP
Sanctioning is one thing. But accusing @semenov_roman_ and team of
being a DPRK state-sponsored hacking group without any proof is
crossing a line. The secretary of state of the U.S. should absolutely
provide proof for these claims or immediately retract them.
This tweet is unavailable

Interesting that a static landing page url was sanctioned
but not urls which can be used to access the actual dapp.

So does it mean that Circle now has to freeze all USDC on Tornado Cash

rainbow queen @ercwl
People are complaining how centralizing PoS is over PoW. But what they
fail to mention is that with just 32 ETH I get to be one of 400,000+
validators who actually gets to make a block. In Bitcoin its just the
mining pools who have that power (Stratum V2 has v low adoption).

deAlex @AlexSmirnov__
1/ @deBridgeFinance has been the subject of an attempted cyberattack,
apparently by the Lazarus group. PSA for all teams in Web3, this
campaign is likely widespread.

Replying to @dfern_eth @JaEsf @Keycard_
How about DIY hardware wallet on a Pi or Arduino? Could be open source
with open hardware.

Peter Van Valkenburgh @valkenburgh

Director of Research @CoinCenter | Board Member @ZcashFoundation | JD
@NYULaw | We broke the ruptured structure built of age.
Washington, DC
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Peter Van Valkenburgh @valkenburgh
3 acres per head and the national mall could accommodate about 100 bison.

Documenting Bitcoin 📄 @DocumentingBTC
"Banning software publication is banning speech" > Explained
@valkenburgh during a must-watch impromptu presentation by the non
profit CoinCenter. Watch it here and share:

E61 @esixtyone
Replying to @ara2049 @DocumentingBTC @valkenburgh
This court can find no meaningful difference between computer
language, particularly high-level languages as defined above, and
German or French...Like music and mathematical equations, computer
language is just that, language, and it communicates information"
-Judge Patel, 1996

Peter Van Valkenburgh @valkenburgh
The original trading with the enemy act is from 1917 and a lot of it
still exists in the US code, so there are fun details like how the
government can take your ship and also any "tackle" attached to the
Sanctions penalties are adjusted for inflation. Of course, that's
where you'd do inflation adjustment, not on SARs, CTR, or 6050i
surveillance thresholds, on penalties. (TWEA = trading with the enemy

Watched @valkenburgh great talk this afternoon on today's OFAC news.
One thing I hadn't thought about is how OFAC has a procedure to remove
named persons/entities from the SDN list. But in the case of open
source software like Tornado Cash, who petitions?…
Filing a Petition for Removal from an OFAC List

1.How do I file a request for removal from an OFAC sanctions list? To
request removal from any OFAC sanctions list, including the SDN List,
simply write to OFAC and request removal.  This begins the...

Peter Van Valkenburgh @valkenburgh
I bless you madly, Sadly as I tie my shoes

Replying to @hdevalence
Crap, I just realized I didn't get to this! Takings! "[t]he general
rule at least is that while property may be regulated to a certain
extent, if regulation goes too far it will be recognized as a taking."
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Ian Miers @secparam
Because the US gov banned Americans using tornadocash, I am unable to
use it as part of a homework assignment in my class on Real World
Security and Privacy. But now I have a new lecture topic. @valkenburgh
, want to give a guest lecture?

Peter Van Valkenburgh @valkenburgh
I'll be giving a short summary of the OFAC Tornado cash SDN listing
and our early thoughts about constituional and statutory issues live
at #Zcon3 taking some questions over the event discord. It will be at
4:40- 5-10 PM Pacific time here:
Zcon 3 - Day 2 Track 1
Please join us on Discord to ask speakers questions and engage in
discussion with other attendees: view
our full program, vis...

Neeraj K. Agrawal @NeerajKA
“just using freely available software to make sure the entire world
can’t see my financial transactions. wait what was that noi—“

Iva Nachkebia @Ivanachkebia
"Even worse, because of the nature of blockchain transactions, an
American who is sent money through the address is not
even able to reject the transaction, and yet may be, at that moment,
technically in violation of OFAC rules." #TornadoCash
Non-custodial, trustless, serverless, private transactions on Ethereum network

Hudson Jameson @hudsonjameson
TornadoCash contracts & websites being added to the OFAC list
highlights the desperate need for a blockchain with both base layer
privacy & programmability. Dapps or L2 solutions for privacy are not
enough. Zcash is the best shot we have at achieving this 🧵

Mikko Ohtamaa 🐮 @moo9000
TornadoCash smart contracts and websites put on OFAC sanctions list…

Miller @millercwl
"It is not any specific bad actor who is being sanctioned, but instead
it is all Americans who may wish to use this automated tool in order
to protect their own privacy while transacting online who are having
their liberty curtailed without the benefit of any due process."

These are very serious allegations. Is there any evidence?
This tweet is unavailable

🚨 We're still digesting the potential constitutional ramifications.
Either way, big development in real limitations on your legitimate
privacy rights. Read the post.…

🎶The DC hills are alive with the smell of corpses!🎶
ALERT: ANOTHER Corpse Flower about to Bloom!! In my almost 16 years of
monitoring corpse flowers I cannot recall a more prolific summer:…

NewTraditional Arch Memes @THICCtorianChad
Nothing wrong with copying a perfect recipe. The Val D’Europe is a new
transit-oriented walkable development outside of Paris which emulates
what people love about European Architecture and urbanism.

What's Up Tornado? @WUTornado

The place to be to get news about the Tornado.Cash protocol & its community!
Joined June 2021 Tweets 397 Following 231 Followers 1,382 Likes 379 49
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What's Up Tornado? @WUTornado
About the U.S. Treasury Sanction ⬇️ @TornadoCash as a project has no
knowledge of who is using the dApp. Tornado Cash contracts are a tool
for privacy, individuals in a free society have a natural right to
privacy, including financial privacy. 1/5 🧵

banteg @bantg
Only 10.5% of funds pooled in Tornado Cash came from hacks —

Here's the list of Tornado Cash resources that were banned - Tornado
Cash @GitHub organization - personal @GitHub accounts of TC
contributors - all $USDC on Tornado Cash contracts @circlepay -
@infura_io RPC - @AlchemyPlatform RPC - domain

suzuha ⚡🌙 @dystopiabreaker
so basically ofac can just decide arbitrary individuals are criminals
with 0 oversight? is that seriously how it works

crv.mktcap.eth @CurveCap
August 9, 2022: Tornado Chasers 🌪️ 🇺🇸😳 The World Laughs at
America's Futile War on Encryption and Privacy… 1/6
The World Laughs at America's Futile War on Encryption and Privacy

what is the justification for deleting tornado code from github

reza @RezaJafery
"If you're not doing anything illegal why do you want to use Tornado
Cash" is a lazy argument that often comes from people of privilege.
You have the privilege of not needing privacy. You have the privilege
of not being scared of your government.

Mikerah @badcryptobitch
Thinking about holding an impromptu online hackathon for TC (as that
word is kind of banned now). No shilling of other privacy
projects/shitcoins No animosity Just pure blockchain privacy tech
regardless of ecosystem.

joseph.eth @josephdelong
Someone is out dusting a bunch of wallets from Tornado with 0.1 ETH

suzuha ⚡🌙 @dystopiabreaker
when legal fund to protect tornado devs

Dylan LeClair 🟠 @DylanLeClair_
Ethereum infrastructure project Infura is now blocking access to
Tornado Cash. Infura is the default RPC provider of MetaMask, and is a
leading provider of key Ethereum infrastructure.

Chris Blec @ChrisBlec
@eth_limo why did you do this? Were you asked to?

🚩@eth_limo censored @TornadoCash today while claiming to be a
"decentralized alternative" and "a privacy focused gateway" 👀Other URLs keep functioning as usual 🌪@TornadoCash is a (really)
decentralized tool for privacy Privacy is a human right, anon!

How to access @TornadoCash from Brave with IPFS? 👌 1️⃣ Download Brave
& go to one of this URL: Tornado Cash Classic IPFS
Tornado Cash Nova IPFS

2️⃣ Either you can launch a Local IPFS Node or a Public Gateway, we
advice you to run a Brave Local IPFS Node while using a VPN (Mullvad
is good). 3️⃣ After you have finished using Tornado Cash, turn off
your node: -> Settings -> IPFS 4️⃣ Choose "Disabled" from the dropdown

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