Russian Hacker Warns Cyberwarfare Will Turn Deadly

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Tue Aug 9 10:00:13 PDT 2022

Russian Hacker Warns Cyberwarfare Will Turn Deadly

group Killnet has stated that cyberwarfare will result in casualties, just days after threats against a major American weapons manufacturer reportedly came to fruition.

On Sunday, that hacker, Killmilk, told the Russian news site Gazeta.Ru that he has helped galvanize countless other hackers who "for one reason or another, support Russia in the NWO [New World Order]," pledging to "be a pioneer" if pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian hackers confront one another to the point where deaths occur.

"In Russia, I will become a hero, and abroad, a criminal," said Killmilk, who launched Killnet on November 1, 2021. "Soon, I and Killnet will launch powerful attacks on European and American enterprises, which will indirectly lead to casualties. I will do my best to make these regions and countries answer for each of our soldiers," he said, according to an English translation.
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