USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 8 22:33:51 PDT 2022
It's Watergate in reverse.
And Hillary still hasn't been prosecuted for having classified
docs and mail in her external non-govt server house either.
Nor has Biden been prosecuted for taking 10% of
Hunter's VP prostitution deals with Asia.
No prosecution of election issues, media tech collusion at
behest of elected Dem-State operatives.
The FBI is known corrupt.
Every president has docs, and memory of docs, that's boring.
The real question is not about posession,
but about what is in the docs?
Here's a hint...
Trump declared war against the Deep State when
he announced his presidential bid. And at least one
recent article has noted renewed efforts there for 2024.
There are no other documents which would be more important
to him than proof of Deep State bullshit, especially
any of its operations against him, or outright criminal
dirt on opposing high political party opponents.
And nothing more important for the Deep State and
them than to retrieve and bury those docs.

Anything to shut Assange, and Freedom, up.

Wyden: Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or
hundreds of millions of Americans?
Clapper: No sir.
One of the most blatant lies under oath, and there was never any consequences.
He committed literal perjury then, covering up for state treason, and
not only didn't get prosecuted but didn't even get fired by Obama. And
he went on to lie that "17 intelligence agencies" claimed Trump to be
a Russian asset.!
If you lie on behalf of the deep state you'll be protected.
We trade our time on this planet, our limited and short life for
money. They are literally stealing our time on this planet. It is not
about paying your fair share, it is about sacrificing your life for
their deities.
Yep, money is energy. These people are parasites.
87,000 new employees to make sure u aren't hiding crust in the crack of your ass

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