who is grancrap - grarpamp at gmail.com

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 8 19:00:08 PDT 2022

Gramps appears to reside in the US and likes to preen, pose and posture as a cryptoanarchist sometimes.

The rotten carpetbagging creeps politics are actually Randite, Paultard, Austro-libertarian moron.

A throwback and neanderthal from the dark ages whose last use-case was nearly 20 years ago at Antiwar dotcom.

Maybe. He's actually so stupid even those cretins might have disowned him.

Gramps also helps forms a group of list trolls and spammers that have continually attacked this list in recent years.

The shorter and priority list death list is for him, Karl Semich and Juan Garofalo. " Operation Clean House "

Cypherpunks write code that takes out its own trash.

We do this or we do nothing.  Amiwrong?

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