YOU SIR! Killed 25 people when you should have only killed 15!

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 8 13:36:38 PDT 2022

GRAMPS garbage scow dumps this raw sewage

>>>  If you actually support the space, you probably should
be at least reporting this tweet as misinformation and putting
pressure on your government to not do this. This is absolutely wild in
terms of an overstep, and you could see law abiding citizens go to
jail for doing basic things because of this precedence. <<<

If Gramps really believed his garbage it will flow everywhere no matter what anyone - including him  - says or does - ' technological determinism' takes care of everything so you can STFU now G. 
Unless you LIKE being classed with Semich and Garofalo . . . Jesus Fucking Christie

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