Cryptocurrency: US Bans Tornado Mixer, Spurs Faster Dev of Dist Anon Crypted P2P DEX

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 8 11:34:46 PDT 2022

Govt's just don't get it... Crypto Privacy and Fungibility
is in high demand and will match that feature of cash and gold,
nothing will stop their further development and use, and these
self-preserving governments and their silly enforcers will be
bankrupted out of existence. is insufficient, not private, only handles one layer-1 coin...

True P2P Distributed Encrypted Anonymous cross-coin-layer-1 DEX
Atomic Swaps, over Tor/I2P, even single point Exchanges on Tor/I2P, etc...
Unstoppable Privacy and Freedom of Exchange... these are the real tools
of the future, and they are being developed and deployed now. BT seeded distributed resistance ideas,
OnionCat and I2P then made stopping BT futile, a haven for freedom.

Tornado Cash has been blacklisted and sanctioned by the US Govt UST OFAC...

MktCap has rejected this Govt's latest attempted FUD at -2%,
BTC still focused on target to breach $25k northward...
The US government is now claiming Tornado Cash is sponsored by the
DPRK. If you don't think this is an attack on financial privacy,
you're wrong. If you actually support the space, you probably should
be at least reporting this tweet as misinformation and putting
pressure on your government to not do this. This is absolutely wild in
terms of an overstep, and you could see law abiding citizens go to
jail for doing basic things because of this precedence.

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