FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 8 00:35:27 PDT 2022

"Remember Liveleak and numerous other sites being shut down all within a week?

I still find it insane how this all went down. Recently thought back
on it and couldnt remember the other sites which were shut down. I
remembered one of the site owners posting a goodbye message which, to
my recollection said something along the lines of "wish it didnt have
to be this way, its no longer the wild west open web etc."

The message always stuck with me as it seemed to allude to the fact
that they were being forced to shut down as it did not align with the
New world order vision. I did a quick search and the site was
"bestgore". Fucked up site which i'm personally glad is no longer
around but, there were a few alternative news articles which quoted
his final goodbye message. All of those articles are now gone or ghost
edited to remove his message. The wayback machine does not show the
old goodbye page of bestgore. I checked why this might be and this
only happens if there is a request to have it removed. All traces of
the message have disappeared online.

Crazy how shit like this can just disappear, always remember to
archive stuff you think might be important down the road.

They also shut down, which was hugely anti-authoritarian.
Basically any huge site that has little censorship is a threat to
them, because inevitably the masses start speaking the truth

It was after the Christchurch mosque shootings. The watchpeopledie
subreddit disappeared

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