FreeSpeech: Alex Jones Trial

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Aug 7 23:33:07 PDT 2022

"Anyone else think it's a strange coincidence that they are attempting
to destroy Jones at the exact same time everything he has warned us
about for decades is now coming to fruition?
Must just be a coincidence, right?"

"The media has Alex Jones' phone leak all over the news,
but was silent on Hunter Bidens laptop leaks.
Interesting how that works"

"So Alex Jones and Johnny Depp gets publicly televised trials but
none for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, all the "terrorist suspects"
in Guantanamo, Julian Assange, and so on"

"This Sandy Hook show trial is only serving to reignite Sandy Hook
conspiracy theories. If Alex Jones can be bankrupted because he
asked questions about a school shooting on a conspiracy show,
then free speech is over. If we question anyone in government they
can just sue us into bankruptcy?"

"Alex Jones got sued…nobody has sued Hunter…
that’s how the legal system works."

"America in a image: militarised police in a McDonald’s"

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