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- Pro-Tax-Hike Dem Continues To Fail To Pay His Own Taxes

- Dem Congressman's Aide Caught Impersonating FBI Agent, Violating Gun
Law: Court Documents

Get Woke Go Broke.
Woke's failback to zero is starting to become epic.
CEO Barrett got woke, EXFY expected to go broke.

Entertainment Companies Start Dumping Woke Content As Viewership Tumbles

They'll never admit to it openly, but getting woke makes companies
broke.  Hollywood has been overtly progressive for decades, but this
is nothing compared to the social justice invasion since 2016.  After
around five years of an unprecedented leftist onslaught on the
entertainment industry we are finally starting to see the rampage lose
oxygen.  There's a weakness within woke productions that the
alternative media has been pointing out for a long time – They don't
make a profit because they are designed to appease a minority of
leftist zennials that don't have any money.  This is the wrong crowd
to rely on for cash flow.

It is fair to say that the entertainment industry was partially
conned.  First, there are those tantalizing ESG loans that can be
easily had as long a company loudly declares their fealty to the
social justice agenda.  Then, of course, there is the fact that many
corporate CEOs and marketing people track Twitter trends with the
ignorant assumption that Twitter is actually a reflection of the real
world.  The woke mob on Twitter is amplified by the company itself,
while most contrary voices are stifled and buried.  Anyone using the
Twitter echo chamber as a marketing gauge would be led to believe that
leftist ideology is the prevailing ideology of the nation.  It's not
even close.

Some companies are finally realizing this fact and are taking action
to reduce their exposure to woke content, or otherwise perish from
loss of viewership.  Here's the thing – Leftists could take over every
platform for media distribution (they almost have), but they still
can't force the public to consume woke content.  Eventually, the loss
of viewers and profits is going to hurt their bottom line.

Warner Media (now owned by Discovery) seems to be on the forefront of
the purge of leftist content.  Under chief executive David Zaslav,
Discovery is aggressively dissecting Warner to understand why a
company with so many iconic brands and franchises is continually
failing at the box office and on streaming.  Zaslav is now dumping far
left content like the poison it is.

Most notably, Zaslav was behind the torching of news service CNN+
after less than a month of operation when it utterly failed to pull in
subscribers.  Now, he has shelved the $100 million 'Batgirl' movie, a
woke travesty with woke directors which test audiences hated.  He is
also reportedly cutting the impending Supergirl movie, which rumors
indicate was designed to replace the beloved Superman franchise with a
female version played by a race swapped actress of Colombian descent
(the original Supergirl is supposed to be white and blonde).

Another event that shocked leftists was Netflix taking an ax to "First
Kill," a lesbian vampire series that no one asked for and apparently
no one watched.

This was after Netflix canceled a host of woke programming in the past
couple of months, including a show called “Anti-Racist Baby” written
by well known Critical Race Theory propagandist Ibram X. Kendi, and
another animated show called “Q-Force” (Queer Force).

HBO Max recently canceled their "Gordita Chronicles" after only one
season; the show based on a Dominican immigrant family heavily pushed
leftist narratives of victim group status and depicted America as a
racist and oppressive nation.  No mention of the fact that millions of
non-white people try to sneak into the US every year even though it is
supposedly “bigoted.”

The examples of purged woke programming go on and on.  This is a smart
move by the entertainment media as audiences make it clear with their
dollars and their viewership that they don't want to watch leftist
garbage.  However, is it too little too late?

Some companies like Disney have chosen to foolishly double down on
woke content (after numerous box office failures) and others like
Warner have lost a lot of good will from their customers.
Corporations and marketing people have long sought to entice customers
by researching what audiences want.  But, the new model is to simply
TELL customers what to buy, and shame audiences into compliance with a
product if they don't like it. Since 2016 the strategy of media has
been to ATTACK customers in response to criticism rather than
listening and learning.  This hasn't gone over well.  Today these
businesses are paying the price for their trespasses against the free

It is unlikely that they will be able to win back audiences anytime
soon, if ever.

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