"NSA, NIST, and post-quantum cryptography: Announcing my second lawsuit against the U.S."

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 16:52:01 PDT 2022

> ...

NSA CIA FBI MIL etc sole purpose in life is to break codes and other
shit, fuck you up, and prop and secure survival of themselves
and Govt and GovCorp and Pols and their preferred outcomes
and partners, at all costs. Nowhere in there is any obligation to
helping you, in any way, at all.
"Police have no duty to protect.  -- Supreme Court"

All who listen to and follow them and demur things to
them are doing nothing but ensuring eventual subjugation
and demise. Fodder and slaves, fooled fools indeed.

Patently fucktarded it is that you still think you have
to run a crypto competition as their bitch in their house,
instead of using the anarchic internet to let the algos
fall or succeed independently rightly where they may
in the ever breaking open court of public cryptanalysis.

> Hybrids

Composition not a weakener, instead is odds at survival.
Yet various suspects scream against it... who be those shills.

> Cloudflare–Google

You knew these two are also evil to the core since day one
and are nasty spies and TOP-SECRET partners of the TLA's,
yet you continue to prop them up instead of abandoning them.

> "NIST alone makes the PQC standardization decisions...
> We operate transparently. We've shown all our work. -- NIST"

Fake News, Disinformation, clearly, to anyone with a clue,
and conspiracy theorists often proven right.

> "NIST, have a responsibility to be ... manage ..."

No. NIST is yet more pointless Govt, you have responsibility
to route around and abandon it.

In these non-numerical fields, cryptos often the dumbest,
most ignorant, gullible, and easily twisted lot among you.

Wake up, route around that crap.

Government is no longer desired or necessary for another reason...

Prediction Markets will be used to crowdfund massive
bounties for breaking the most thought to be secure
modern cryptos, and to offer prizes for developing new ones.

High places are already reserved in the hallowed halls of crypto history
for those who develop and publish uncensorable distributed
encrypted anonymous Prediction Markets.

Cryptos always prefer working on the cutting edge,
quiet revolutions, little projects that will change the world...

Have fun :)

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