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Sun Aug 7 00:08:12 PDT 2022

i'm changing it to enumerate the remote fetchspecs at the start. i'm
confused by a compilation error:

            cppgit2::remote remote = repository.lookup_remote(remote_name);
            cppgit2::refspec fetchspec =
cppgit2::refspec::parse(remote.fetchspec(), true);

The error is on the second line, regarding remote.fetchspec():

(6 of 10): error: ‘class cppgit2::remote’ has no member named
‘fetchspec’; did you mean ‘fetch_’?

I formed the call from the source of a file named remote.hpp in the
cppgit2 sources:

    // Fetchspec
    std::string fetchspec() const {
      return c_ptr_->fetchspec ? std::string(c_ptr_->fetchspec) : "";

Usually when this happens it is because I am referencing a different
class than I am using, I would guess.

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