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Undiscussed Groomed for Male Slavery, One Victim of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 22:03:25 PDT 2022

$ mkdir bins
$ cp process2 bins/
$ cp $(ldd process2 | sed -ne 's!.* \(/.*\) (.*!\1!p') bins/
$ mv bins bins-$(date --iso=seconds)
$ cp $(type -p gdb) bins-2022-08-07T00\:58\:57-04\:00/
$ cp $(ldd $(type -p gdb) | sed -ne 's!.* \(/.*\) (.*!\1!p')
$ w3 put bins-2022-08-07T00\:58\:57-04\:00
# Packed 34 files (59.2MB)
# bafybeifwhtetm3n64l4nbvqlllkzixljn6cjzouleywk3re2pianfxqdtu
⁂ Stored 34 files
⁂ https://dweb.link/ipfs/bafybeifwhtetm3n64l4nbvqlllkzixljn6cjzouleywk3re2pianfxqdtu

The repository I was running it on is still packing. It's over 5
gigabytes now and may be unreasonable to quickly upload.

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