ASSANGE is not dead - he just smells that way

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Sat Aug 6 13:56:56 PDT 2022

 pro2rat at
> Thankfully Tim May is dead - he's as dead as Julius Caesar. And isn't a great year when John Young and Julio look like joining him!?
> Welcome to the Black-Flagged revolution.
I think you mean me here when you say Julio, as usual.I repeat, do not call me that (Julia, Julio, Julius) again.Apparently, 25 years ago, my parents named me Zeynep.And don't ever write my name next to John Young, the CIA agent who stabbed his friends in the back.John Young may be dishonorable, but I am not.He also reads the e-mails here in about 10 minutes, and I (checked) once and that's why i'm adding that word to the end of my email:
I hate John Young 
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