Calls for a quantum computing " Manhattan Project "

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Aug 6 13:11:46 PDT 2022

In order to manage the constant flow of clickbait and disinformation peddled here by the likes of Jeff Berwick's bum-buddy, I'm calling for a massive effort to save the West from a devastating first-strike launched against our strongest encryption protecting trillions ( beat )

Full-spectrum quantum computers means more quantum networking means more state-of-the-art encryption means crypto-anarchism gets turbocharged like a Kawasaki GPZ, sorry, H2R.

Now we all know what a priceless asset the net is - post Pelosi - its time to get real about extending and defending it against all enemies - foreign and domestic - Marxist and inverse-Marxist. Theocratic and Obscurantist. Investing in cryptoanarchist technologies has already paid off with the crypto-currencies bonanza. The future keeps happening.  Let's ROCK IT!

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