Scientists say they've debunked Google’s quantum supremacy claims once and for all

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat Aug 6 12:52:47 PDT 2022

" . . . As reported by Science magazine, the scientists used a system comprised of 512 GPUs to complete the same calculation developed by Google to demonstrate it had passed the quantum supremacy milestone back in 2019. . . "

512 has long seemed to me to place a neat upper-bound on how many folks that can function as an anarchist polity while knowing each other ( with the help of ubiquitous modern technology)
" It takes a village "
For example, with a global UBI scheme seeking to cover 5 billion or so people, you could start off with 512 sized nodes, each node then deciding its own rules under overall Metcalfes supervision.
Then as Moores carries on you could halve each node at regular periods from 256 to 128 and so on. As you approach 8 and less we're presumably close to uploading by then.
Quantum cryptoanarchy for every individual and Gym Dumbell's endless FUD being ancient history.

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