Conservatives make a weak case against Govt Shitcoins

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri Aug 5 18:46:47 PDT 2022

It is not obvious that monetary policy needs additional flexibility, and any benefits from eliminating physical currency must be balanced against the costs of digital surveillance and the loss of privacy.”

This sort of argument is true as far as it goes but I don't see how these cons respond to govts airdropping their shit and promising to turn a blind eye on smaller transaction surveillance.
The fascist Chinese are already making the running on this!
Practical money-laundering tactics and a huge regulatory-arbitrage PR campaign look like a better response from this self-described, progressive, leftist anarchist.
And the notion cons care about consumers is completely risible.
Most of their stink-tanks revolve around screwing consumers wholesale.
When in power this type of con is as bad as Marxist-Communists. ( Sear Dolfuss 34 and Pinochet 73 ) Consumers beware the walking brain-dead.

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