GYM DUMBBELL keeps attacking this list

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Aug 4 15:12:30 PDT 2022

Why does Gym Dumbbell hate our anarchist freedoms so much that he wants to go on list Death Row along with Gramps, Semich and Juan the Nazi-skunk, Garofalo?

There is no immediate threat to cryptography from anywhere and that is the best present consensus.  Those spreading FUD about threats to cryptography are no better than journalists, most of whom are the scum-of-the-earth.

In particular quantum-computing holds out the promise of full cryptoanarchy almost overnight.
Its a FEATURE - not a BUG.
Something really bad happened to Jim Bell a few years ago and he's effectively brain-dead.
Replaced by a disgusting list troll I call " Gym Dumbbell ' who has now earned killing.
Fuck him and all who sail in him - There he goes!


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