Project Veritas: Leaked FBI Document Suggests Anarcho-Capitalists, Oath Keepers Are 'Inspired' by Timothy McVeigh

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Aug 4 02:28:16 PDT 2022

Antifa are very small-target as far as anarchist propaganda goes - but they could clean-your-clock on the street. Good old ' propaganda-of-the-deed '!

Now it seems uncontroversial to me that any assertions made anywhere - without evidence - don't warrant any further investigation.  So much for most political propaganda from anywhere.

Also - though this may be more debatable - the best disinformation is mostly true. Amiwrong?

Btw I repeat no anarchist is obliged to defend the free-speech of known fascists.
That is a famous LIBERAL proposition so I'm surprised to see it defended here of all places.

" Fascism is not to be debated - it is to be smashed " - Ben Durruti

Its crypto- ANARCHY . Not ' Crypto-privacy '.  Not ' Cyber Liberty '. ANARCHISM .

Get with the revolutionary program cos most conservatives are BROWN-NOSED MORONS.

Take Gramps.

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