Project Veritas: Leaked FBI Document Suggests Anarcho-Capitalists, Oath Keepers Are 'Inspired' by Timothy McVeigh

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Aug 3 23:46:30 PDT 2022

I tried to stop them . . . 

>>> Denver Post
Online threats target Denver investigators - Anarchist says e-mails harmless; feds disagree
By Jim Hughes - Denver Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 07, 2003 - An anarchist using the online moniker “Professor Rat” has threatened the lives of two federal terrorism investigators in Denver, advocating that they “need killing.” The threats name an FBI agent assigned to the local multiagency Joint Terrorism Task Force and the government’s lead prosecutor of terrorism cases in Colorado. <<<

I also wrote McVeigh an open letter to stick around and watch the Fucking Bungling Imbeciles blow his case.  When are you going to stop playing around with these guys?

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