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Wed Aug 3 22:39:26 PDT 2022

Make NO mistake... this trial is not about whatever Alex Jones
may or may not have said from time to time, it is about the State
and other interests trying to set more legal precedence for
expanding the censorship State. As such do not expect the
trial to be in any way fair to the journalist and op-ed Alex Jones.
Already, from a Democrat Judge who predeclared Jones guilt, to plaintiff
attorneys doctoring videos, to fee-taking attorneys refusing to let
their clients seek peace, the Jones trial is a mess,
and Alex Jones was right.

Clips, fulls, and news mainstream media refuses show you... Day 1 full testimony Full Coverage Partial Coverage

'This Is The Murder Of Due Process': Alex Jones Speaks Out Against 'Show Trial' Alex Jones Speaks To Media

Alex Jones Appears to Make Peace With Sandy Hook Parents Before Their
Lawyers Angrily Tear Them Away Peace attempt foiled

Chris Menahan
Aug. 03, 2022

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Alex Jones shook hands with and appeared to make peace with Sandy Hook
parents Jesse Lewis and Neil Heslin on Tuesday before the plaintiffs
attorneys angrily tore them apart and ordered Jones to "shut your

>From Mediaite:

    At one point during his testimony, Jones indicated he had a sore
throat. After court adjourned, he had an interaction with Sandy Hook
parents Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, whose six-year-old son Jesse
was killed in the shooting.

    In a video, Lewis, who testified just hours before, is seen
handing jones a bottle of water for his sore throat.

    A few moments later, Jones can be seen shaking hands with Heslin
when a man nearby is heard calling an unidentified individual "slow
and autistic."

    "No, I'm slow and autistic," replies Jones, who appears to suggest
to Heslin he's being manipulated.

    "That's it, we're not talking anymore" says Mark Bankston, an
attorney representing Lewis and Heslin. "You're not doing this. That's
not even a thought! That's not the way this goes"

    Jones then says, "Why? Because you can't feed them fake videos anymore?"

    "Oh, shut your mouth" states the exasperated attorney.

"That's what you're trying to do, shut my mouth -- you'll never
succeed!" Jones responded.

The Democrat judge in the case, who found Jones guilty before the
trial for supposedly failing to comply with discovery, scolded Jones
for saying he complied with discovery during his testimony.

"Mr. Jones, you may not say to this jury that you complied with
discovery. That is not true. You may not say it again. You may not
tell this jury that you are bankrupt. That is also not true," Judge
Maya Guerra Gamble said.

"You are already under oath to tell the truth," Gamble continued.
"You've already violated that oath twice today, in just those two
examples. It seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the
truth while you testify. Yet here I am again."

"This is not your show," she said.

    "This is not your show!" - judge. You're already under oath to
tell the truth. You've already violated that oath twice today.... It
seems absurd to instruct you again that you must tell the truth..Yet
here I am. You must tell the truth while you testify" #AlexJones
    - Cathy Russon (@cathyrusson) August 2, 2022

It seems to me like this judge sees this as an opportunity to make a
name for herself and kick off her political career.

She's the star of the show and no one else!

'This Is The Murder Of Due Process': Alex Jones Speaks Out Against 'Show Trial'
Chris Menahan
Jul. 27, 2022

Alex Jones detailed the insanity of his show trial on Tuesday outside
of the courtroom.

Democrat activist judge Maya Guerra Gamble declared him guilty before
the trial in a default judgment by claiming he failed to comply with
discovery, which Jones says is not true. Gamble told the jury their
only job is to assess how much Jones owes in damages.

"The judge is doing this for political reasons," Jones told reporters.
"Everything is hidden in plain view. I've been found guilty by the
judge, and now there's a trial where they tell a jury to decide how
much money I pay because I'm already guilty. That's never happened."

"They have taken my right for a jury to decide if I'm guilty, and now
a judge tells a jury that I'm guilty?" he continued.

"This is the murder of your rights to due process to the federal
Constitution and the state Constitution of Texas that in any number of
just a few dollars that you get the jury to decide if you're guilty
and then they decide damages in a separate group of hearings. This is
the weaponization of the judiciary. It's absolutely horrifying," Jones

He said the case would "go down in history as one of the greatest show
trials ever to happen."

The judge banned Alex Jones from speaking out on the case around the
courtroom after he gave the above interview.

    In case you missed it, Alex Jones talked about his frustration
with his defamation case outside the courtroom yesterday. The judge
has now ordered that no one may discuss the case around the courtroom
on this floor, for the sake of the jury. Watch more:
    - Avery Travis (@averytravistv) July 27, 2022

The state should be paying Alex Jones damages for subjecting him to
this show trial and allowing this political lawfare.

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