Jake Appelbaum accused of cyberstalking journalists

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Aug 3 00:25:18 PDT 2022

Aside from all that TOR unpleasantness, it would appear Jake A-bomb found time enough to somehow convey Snowden material ( from Laura Poitras?  Glenin?  The Grauniad? ) to a corpse-media journalist in Europe. 
Now there may be some perfectly innocent explanation to exonerate our fellow c-punk - and how he financed a Thai diving holiday. As I said a year or so back here, I'd love to hear him explain this. 
Some list members closer to him than I might pass this message on since the longer things like this fester the worse they smell. As they say in the papers, " Its always the cover-up - never the crime ".
BTW - none of this applies if he feels threatened by espionage charges. Then I would understand perfectly.  I often take a Fifth myself.

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