Jacob Appelbaum rape report

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 2 15:06:16 PDT 2022

Aside from this damming report someone using Jakes name popped up here not too long ago.
I asked them about reports he, Jake had sold Snowden material to trad Media in Germany.
Its been a while now but there's been no reply.  A  simple ' yes ' or ' No would suffice, J.
Then - since he appears to be one of the WL dead-ender group - I also ask him his opinion on these revealing comments.

 "... Mr Assange agreed that some level of privacy was necessary for the successful operation of the military ..."


JULIAN " ‘[The military] protects the sovereignty of Australia. It protects the independence of Australia.' ASSANGE July, 2013. . . "


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