Pastor Craig Wright & Journalist Assange both on autistic spectrum

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Aug 1 14:02:29 PDT 2022

Doctor Wright just won his latest court case where it emerged he has Asperger's syndrome.

Back in 27 Oct 2021 — A lawyer for " PROFF " Julian Assange ( Mendax ) told a British court that the WikiLeaks founder is suffering from an autism disorder.

For the record, I asked my then 2002 case-worker if it was possible I had Aspergers and this was ruled out. It is also the case that I am not an academic and use the nym ' Professor ' as a nom de plume / nom de guerre being based on " Doctor Rat " a book by William Kotzwinkle. 

Its not Machiavellianism when you're upfront with your self-description.

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