MCBoss Spinoffs 4

Undiscussed Past Horrific Abuse, One Victim Of Many gmkarl at
Mon Aug 1 05:05:44 PDT 2022

Rebel Worker [catching a live grenade]: "I explode ..." [holds live grenade] "... You explode !" [tosses live grenade to Boss]

Boss [grenade is in air]: "Hehe! This game is so much fun!" [catches live grenade] "I explode ..." [fumbles live grenade a little] "... you explode !" [tosses live grenade back to Rebel Worker]

Rebel Worker [grenade is in air]: "Hehe!" [catches
live grenade] "I explode ..." [passes live grenade from one hand to ... his other hand is missing so he fakes swapping it from hand to hand] "... you explode!" [tosses live grenade back to Boss]
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