FreeSpeech and Censorship: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Aug 1 01:31:42 PDT 2022

Yet another prominent voice gets CensorBanned for Exposing
BigTech Political Censorship, Hypocrisy, Corrupt Biden Family,
Authoritarian Government the Lunacy of War on Drugs,
and more...

Roger Ver in Twitter Jail for Sharing Biden Video
Rather than sending his own son to prison, the @POTUS should
reconsider his stance on the #drugwar. He should also #FreeRoss

Roger Ver @rogerkver
Stefan Molyneux was deplatformed from @Twitter and @YouTube
for being a visionary in many areas, including the future of #Bitcoin

Roger Ver @rogerkver
Social media has morphed into a tool that is more often
used to hide the truth rather than expose the truth.
It should also be known that all the main Bitcoin_BTC forums
ban most everyone who asks questions, or critiques, or
proposes alternative to the groupthink. BTC Maxi's are Censors.

People should support Free Speech in public fora, and all the Free Speakers,
Whistleblowers, etc, and adopt privacy-enabled Cryptocurrency,
starve out the Censors and Authoritarians, create and support new
distributed public platforms and peaceful voluntary societies, together.

Twitter is protecting much more than just the Bidens, it
(and Google's Youtube, and more) are apologizing for the very mass
of authoritarian govts and tyrants themselves and their cozy profitable
deep digital secret spy relationship with them, in abject recent case
defrauding the 2020 elections. Twitter among others has chosen the fools
errand of supporting one particular violent political party force ideology
and will be among the first to be permanently routed around and
replaced by fair open p2p free market economies.
Twitter et al are afraid that crypto-anarchy will obsolete their business model
and moot and nullify their politik, and have thus chosen their party

It will obsolete much more than that.
And Human Freedom will win over all those legacy things.

Roger Ver @rogerkver
You also just described the fight that lead to the
split between #BTC and #BCH
Tyler Winklevoss @tyler
The right wants free speech. The left wants censorship. One side
wants a fair fight, the other wants a rigged fight. The left has an
ethics problem on this issue.

[Geo] Political Govt Authority... and its way of abusing "democracy"
into a surmised right to violently force others who have harmed no one
(notably those who refuse to partake in such "voting" ie ruling over other
peacefuls, stealing money from them, etc)... has an ethics problem.

Cryptocurrency solves that by providing a private p2p opt-out economic path
that is adopting around the world and will route around such needless legacies.

Note that now, even the old question of "But who will build the
roads?" is answered
by efficient funding and building via public crowdfunded p2p prediction markets.

The difference between Left and Right is little when compared to their
far losing position on the continuum line from Authority to Freedom.
Thought the Left is currently carrying the torch of losing.

Libertarian Anarchist Voluntaryist Agorist etc... all much closer
to Freedom than either of them.

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