This is a revolutionary anarchists list

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Sep 20 15:57:36 PDT 2021

Has been for over two decades - an eternity in net years.  This list was conceived, built and developed as a forum for advancing revolutionary anarchism. 

Strong-crypto, digital money, anonymous networks, pseudonyms, zero- knowledge proofs, reputations, information-markets, netwar, collapse-of-governments. Remember?

TIMOTHY " An anonymous computerized market will even make possible abhorrent markets for assassinations and extortion " C. MAY 1992

TIM " I guess now that the Pentagon is setting up a murder pool it can't be illegal for us to do it " MAY. 2003


So, here is my prescription for those who can't bear to have their brownnosed conformity trifled with. I forbid you to ever again read *CYPHERNOMICON*.  I also recommend you take a goodly dose of Hillbilly Heroin then return to your sedentary somnambulation in front of the Boob Tube. Also remember to keep your mouth shut and your head bowed when the truck pulls up out front to carry your sorry carcass off to the glue factory.

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