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Sat Sep 18 10:42:01 PDT 2021

Aussies, the most Govt order following FUD compliant
couch sitting cucks since all of Corona, except perhaps
Jacinda's cute little Kiwis, finally get up to throw a little
protest party...

Anti-Lockdown Protesters In Australia "Break Police Line" As Clashes Erupt

Throughout the pandemic, Australia's government has chosen to enact
stringent restrictions to combat COVID-19. After the sixth lockdown
since the pandemic began, anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne have
had enough with draconian virus measures and voiced their opposition
in the streets on Saturday.

Their right to protest freely was quickly deemed illegal as a massive
brawl between demonstrators and police broke out. More than 200 people
in Melbourne were arrested at illegal anti-lockdown rallies, according
to Reuters.

A rally in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond turned violent when police
attempted to shut it down. Protesters broke through the police line in
an epic fashion.

    Protesters break through the police line, an officer gets
assaulted and trampled by demonstrators, people are screaming and
covered in capsicum spray @theage
    — David Estcourt (@davidestcourt) September 18, 2021

Other clashes were captured on film.

    Protesters throw water bottles at officers at more pepper spray
deployed @theheraldsun
    — Olivia Jenkins (@byoliviajenkins) September 18, 2021

An aerial view of another group of protesters in Melbourne resisted
police orders.

    #BREAKING: Anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne are defying
police warnings and are staging demonstrations in the city today.

    DETAILS: #9News
    — 9News Melbourne (@9NewsMelb) September 18, 2021

On the ground, there was a massive police presence. RT News said local
reports indicate around 2,000 officers were called in.

    Police March towards protesters who refuse to clear the area, some
marchers getting pepper sprayed @theheraldsun
    — Olivia Jenkins (@byoliviajenkins) September 18, 2021

The illegal demonstrations took place as the metro area endures its
sixth lockdown since the pandemic began, with the broader state of
Victoria reported over 500 infections today.

Victoria Police Commander Mark Galliott told local media that these
protesters came out "not to protest freedoms, but simply to take on
and have a fight with the police."

One of the causalities of the pandemic has been freedom of expression
as the right to assemble has been banned in the guise of stopping the

By criminalizing peaceful protest and enforcing the authorities to
intervene, the government of Australia is making the situation worse
where it would entice even more freedom-loving people into the streets
to protest tyranny.

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