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> I have some questions about Bitcoin and cashing out. It seems that I can't really access withdrawel or getting cash if someone pays me in Bitcoin without identifying myself? Is that correct? 

	No it isn't. The correct way to use bitcoin is to buy/sell to people directly and have nothing to do with so called 'exchanges', which are just NSA cesspools, and which require you not only to identify yourself, but to relinquish ownership of your funds. When you send bitcoins to an exchange, you don't have any bitcoins anymore. Now it's their bitcoins and they will return them to you only if they feel like it.

> I'm in the US.
> I use a burner phone and would like to accept Bitcoin or other Crypto Currency and get the cash for it without identifying myself. Is that possible? 

	Yes. Find people who want to buy bitcoins and pay cash. 

> I switch phones every once in awhile, I suppose using some kind of wallet makes that not a problem.
> If it matters, I'm in the US. Anyone willing to help me with these questions?
> Thank you.
> -me
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