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A war is coming. I have heard it argued that this war must be avoided;
that it is “exactly what the establishment wants.” I disagree. I think
globalists like those at the World Economic Forum certainly want
enough chaos to provide cover for the implementation of their global
“Reset” agenda, but they don’t want a full blown rebellion. They only
want events in which the outcome is controllable or predictable – They
do not want a massive organized resistance that might surprise them.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter because the war is already at our
doorstep. A person has two choices: Fight or be enslaved. There is no
third option. There is no walking away. There is no hiding from it and
there is no passive solution to it.

Joe Biden’s recent declaration of a federal level nationwide vaccine
mandate has all but ensured that conflict is inevitable. Why?  Because
it is the first major step towards a two-tier society in which the
unvaxxed are cut out of the economy. The next step? Forced
vaccinations under threat of fines and imprisonment, the threat of
confiscation of one’s children, or vaccination at the barrel of a gun.
Needless to say, this was not at all surprising to me. In December of
last year I published an article titled ‘If You Thought 2020 Was Bad,
Watch What Happens In 2021’, stating that:

    “There will then be a major push to require medical passports
proving a person is not infected to enter into any public place. This
means submission to 24/7 contact tracing or getting a new vaccine
whenever ordered to. Basically, your life will be under the total
control of state or federal governments if you want to have any
semblance of returning to your normal life…..New mutations of COVID-19
will be conveniently found every year from now on, meaning the public
will have to get new vaccinations constantly, and medical tyranny will
never go away unless people take an aggressive stand.”

I have also mentioned often in the past that Biden WOULD institute
federal level vaccines mandates and possibly even Level 4 lockdowns.
We are not to the point yet of lockdowns by executive order, but the
Biden Administration is trying to dive headlong into the control
agenda with an executive order stating that all businesses in the US
with 100 employees or more must require those employees to provide
proof of vaccination or demand employees show a negative covid test
weekly (which will be impossible for most people). In other words, the
Orwellian rise of vaccine passports has officially begun in the US.

Not only was Biden’s announcement an utter violation of the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it was also condescending and
vitriolic towards Americans who refuse to become guinea pigs for the
experimental and untested vaccines. Biden suggested that the
establishment “Has been patient, but their patience is wearing thin.”

I have to say, Biden is in for a shock if he thinks we care.

I can’t cover every single lie and logical fallacy in Biden’s speech
because that is not the purpose of this article. I can only once again
point out some very basic logical conclusions and pieces of scientific
evidence which debunk most of Biden’s nonsensical blather. Since he
seems to be so interested in why we are “hesitant”, let’s go through
this ONE MORE TIME, shall we…

    1) The median death rate of covid according to almost every single
medical study and every official government tally remains at 0.26% of
the infected. Given that around 40% of all covid deaths happen among
people in nursing homes with preexisting conditions, it is likely that
the actual death rate is much lower. But let’s just say that it is in
fact 0.26% – Why is there any need to impose draconian medical
controls over a virus that 99.7% of people will easily survive? Why
not create a support fund for the 0.26% of people that are truly at
risk so they can stay home while the rest of us get on with regular

    2) Throughout the course of the pandemic in the US the largest
percentage of hospital ICU beds that have been occupied by covid
patients is 17%. That is the PEAK of covid in the ICUs. For the past
few months the percentage has been closer to an average of 8% or less.
This is according to the government’s own stats, which the CDC now
buries instead of posting openly for easy viewing by the public. So,
when the corporate media or Biden claims that the ICUs are
“overwhelmed” by covid patients, this is a lie

    A new nationwide study of electronic hospital records on covid
patients also shows nearly half of covid “hospitalizations” are
actually people that are asymptomatic, not deathly sick people as the
media often portrays.

    3) The experimental mRNA covid vaccines have NO long term testing
to prove their safety over the long term. At least none that has ever
been released to the public. The average vaccine is tested for 10-15
years before it is approved and released for use in humans. The covid
vaccines were rolled out in mere months. Again, there is NO PROOF
whatsoever that the covid vaccines are safe in the long term, and
there are already a number of examples of lack of safety in the short
term. Why would we trust an experimental protein spike vax that has
nowhere near the same testing history as the majority of other normal

    4) Multiple studies in nations with high rates of vaccination,
including a recent study from Israel, prove that there is no such
thing as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” In fact, 60% of infection
cases in Israel are actually fully vaccinated people. Furthermore,
Israel has found that vaccinated people are 13-27 times more likely to
get infected than people with natural immunity, and they are 8 times
more likely to end up in ICU.

    These findings reinforce data released a month ago out of
Massachusetts, where 5100 covid infections were fully vaccinated
people and 80 of them died. In other words, the vaccines don’t work so
great, especially when compared to natural immunity.

    5) Data from the Public Health England and the NHS shows that the
vaccinated and unvaccinated have almost identical rate of
infectiousness. In other words, a vaccinated person is almost as
likely to give you covid as an unvaxxed person.

Now, let’s present some rational questions in the face of this
irrational covid circus of fear:

    If the experimental vaccines actually work, then how are
unvaccinated people a threat to vaccinated people and why should
unvaccinated people be forced to take the jab?

    If the vaccines don’t work, then, again, why should ANYONE be
forced to take an untested and unreliable vax?

Slow-Joe argues that the vaccinations are “safe and effective” against
covid, but only seconds later in the same breath he claims that
“unvaxxed people are a threat to vaccinated people.” He promotes the
lie that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, then says the
vaccinated are in danger. Even a child could pick up on the inherent
contradictions in Biden’s claims.

As always, the issue of “mutations” is brought up in defense of 100%
vaccination campaigns. But if “mutations” are the concern, then why
isn’t the government addressing the fact that a vaccinated population
is just as likely if not more likely to create mutant variants of a
virus when compared to unvaccinated people? Why are the unvaxxed being
singled out as the supposed menace to society?

The biggest question is – Why should anyone submit to covid mandates
at all? Mandates are not laws, they are color of law restrictions
without legal merit. The bottom line? Unconstitutional orders are not
to be followed. This leads us to the state and local strategies for
fighting back against the federal passport mandates. Let’s get into

Simply Ignore The Mandates And Carry On With Life As Normal

How does Biden plan to enforce these mandates on businesses? If they
refuse to go along to get along, what can he do about it? Who would he
send to threaten or punish these businesses? Who would be dumb enough
to follow that order? Does he plan to send the IRS, the FBI, the
Health Department? Someone has to do it, right? And what happens when
a business is threatened and a crowd of conservatives in the community
come to its defense? What happens when local and state law enforcement
get in the way of federal agencies? What is Biden going to do about
that? Answer – Nothing, at least not anything direct.

The Indirect Method Works Both Ways

If Biden is confronted with solid resistance to the passports in
communities and states, there is really only one path he has left,
which is indirect pressure through economic penalties. Biden WILL
attempt to force states to comply by cutting of federal funds and tax
dollars. This idea might terrify some people because there is a
percentage of the population in every state that relies on federal EBT
and other programs for their survival. However, the federal government
can be punished in the same way just as easily by the states. Let me

Confiscate Federal Lands And Resources

Any state that is cut off from its rightful share of tax dollars can
easily claim domain over federal lands and the resources on them. It
is the EPA restrictions on these lands that have been unfairly used to
kill numerous industries across the country. With proper management,
these resources can be used to revitalize state economies and offset
any federal funds lost.

Offer Businesses Federal Tax Exemptions If They Relocate

Red states can also punish the federal government by stopping IRS tax
collections within their borders and turning the tables on Biden.
Numerous businesses would be itching to escape Biden’s high tax rates
and would bring jobs and wealth into red states, leaving the
conformist blue states in the dust.

Boot Federal Agencies Out Of The State Or County

Local law enforcement is refusing to enforce mandates in many places,
which is a good start, but eventually sheriffs and communities may
have to remove federal presence entirely in order to stop violations
if civil liberties.

Offer Safe Havens For Military Personnel That Go AWOL To Avoid Forced

A large percentage of soldiers say they will not comply with federal
vax requirements and this is completely understandable given the
evidence I just presented above. It would be to the benefit of red
states to offer protection for soldiers that leave the military based
on the principle of health autonomy. Perhaps they could even help in
forming state militias…

Reduce Restrictions On Medical Treatment Facilities – Start Vax Free Clinics

30% to 40% of medical professional depending on the state say they
will not take the experimental vax, and they are willing to lose their
jobs in the process. Why not get these people with valuable medical
skills to come to red states and counties and let them set up clinics
outside of suffocating federal regulations? This may even reduce the
prices on medical care in many cases.

Form Trade Relationships With Other Free States

Conservatives and constitutionalists need to organize and unify, and
the best way to do this is to start with trade. It is likely that
Biden will attempt to interfere with imports and the supply chain when
it comes to red states, so they will need to stick together
economically in order to prevent disruptions to the availability of
goods. We need to rethink how states interact with each other and
build more independent production and trade instead of relying on
overseas suppliers. We will also need commodity backed banks with
commodity backed currencies, because the buying power of the US dollar
isn’t going to last much longer anyway.

Unify For Defense

If Biden and the globalists continue to push for medical tyranny in
states and counties that do not want it, there will eventually be
calls for secession. There will also be attempts by blue states to
restrict the travel of people from red states using covid passport
checkpoints. We all know this is coming. All conservative counties
should be organizing localized security through public militias, and
state governments should be thinking along these lines as well. If
there’s one thing authoritarians HATE more than anything else it is
suffering the existence of free neighbors. They will try to stop us
from being free, and we must be ready to answer their violence with
our own.

Finally, I would like to speak to Joe Biden directly, since Joe was so
keen on personally addressing us:

Joe, let me clarify this in the simplest terms possible so that you
can grasp it – You are not important. You are not a lawmaker and you
are not a ruler, you are an employee of the American people, that is
all your are supposed to be. And though you may wish to be a dictator,
that’s not going to happen. We will not allow it. I realize that you
are a puppet and that your globalist handlers make most of your
decisions and write most of your statements for you, so you can pass
this message on to them as well: WE WILL NOT COMPLY. It’s not going to
happen. Get used to the idea.

We are peaceful people and always have been. Our tolerance of your
trespasses thus far is proof of that. But do not mistake our
peacefulness as weakness. If you keep coming after us, you will regret
it. We will teach you an important lesson in humility; a lesson you
and your elitist friends sorely need and will not enjoy. This is a

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