BodyCams for Politicians - Watch Those Filthy Criminals 24x365

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Wed Sep 15 23:03:42 PDT 2021

Unless 24hr/day, ankle bracelet, etc the criminals will just conspire
when off the clock.
Have fun watching who votes for/against...

Congressman Paul Gosar Introduces Resolution Requiring Body Cameras Be
Worn By House Leadership
By Jordan Conradson
Published September 14, 2021 at 1:15pm
Today, Congressman Paul Gosar announced a new resolution to bring
transparency to the House of Representatives.

Gosar’s legislation will require leadership in the House to wear body
cameras and share the footage with the public. This will bring back
some trust in the government.

Gosar came up with this idea by asking his constituents. What a concept!

    Gosar: Earlier this year I polled you on the idea of having
members of Congress wear body cams to bring transparency. You voted
almost unanimously in favor. So I dropped the legislation today. Thx
@Cernovichand on IG @bodycams4congress John Reeves.

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    Earlier this year I polled you on the idea of having members of
Congress wear body cams to bring transparency. You voted almost
unanimously in favor. So I dropped the legislation today. Thx
@Cernovich and on IG @bodycams4congress John Reeves.

    — Paul Gosar (@DrPaulGosar) September 14, 2021

Congressman Gosar’s statement said,

    “Today, body-worn cameras already provide valuable evidence
defending police officers from otherwise false and frivolous
accusations.  Occasionally, the police worn body cameras show a law
enforcement error.  There is further movement to put cameras in school
classrooms.  Too often what is really happening in our schools is
hidden from parents.

    This trend to bring transparency and honesty should also apply to
Congress.  For example, in January of 2021, several members of
congress made false and defamatory allegations that other members of
congress gave “reconnaissance tours” on January 5.  Footage from body
cameras would be able to rebut such defamation immediately.

    In another instance, a member of congress described a harrowing
tale of hiding and being chased, without any witness or documentation
of any type in support.  A body camera would demonstrate the
confabulation of such a story.

    The lack of transparency in Congress is driving public trust in
government to near-historic lows. The best way to restore that trust
is through total transparency and sharing with the American people
what really happens in Washington, DC.  Less secrecy from our leaders
is a good place to start.

    That’s why today I introduced a resolution to create a pilot
program that would require the leadership of the House of
Representatives to utilize body-worn cameras and ensure that the
cameras are activated while carrying out official business.  Footage
from the cameras would be shared with the public.

    If the American people were shown more information about what
happens in Congress, public trust in our government might improve,”
concluded Congressman Gosar.

    John M. Reeves, Founder, @BodyCams4Congress stated, “I have long
maintained that body cameras in Congress would lead to better
practices and transparency.   I am in full support of this legislation
as a great first step.”

    “For too long Americans have been left in the dark about what is
really going on in Congress.  If cops can wear body cameras so can our
politicians.  It’s time for transparency and this bill by Rep. Gosar
is a major first step,” added attorney and producer Mike Cernovich.

    You can read the full legislative text by clicking here.

This is a good first step towards transparency and accountability in our House

We are supposed to have a government by the people and for the people.
Anybody who votes against this must have a different agenda.

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